Next Generation eBusiness Platform for the Aviation Aftermarket

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Stop Misleading Inventory

The fipart technology and its community allows users to identify and track suppliers that list fake or bad quality inventory.

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Stop Unanswered RFQs

The fipart technology tracks and rewards Suppliers that respond to all of the RFQs they receive.

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Stop Price Fishing

The fipart technology tracks and identifies fake buyers through intelligent profiling, statistical analysis amd community tip-offs.

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Stop Dishonest Suppliers

The fipart technology enables price transparency while its community provides peer review, creating and sharing a wealth of insightful information with every user.

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What our customers say about fipart

Peter Østergaard Mietke - Leki Aviation

Peter Østergaard Mietke

Leki Aviation
"As an international supplier LEKI is more than satisfied with fipart as a sales channel. They do a really good job providing an up to date webservice that delivers scores of RFQs in a quality far above average."

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What is fipart?

fipart is the next generation eBusiness platform for the aviation aftermarket. Combining features for trading and networking, fipart facilitates the electronic commerce of aeronautical parts, products and services at the speed of 21st century technology.

What is fipart?

Who uses fipart?

fipart promotes and rewards real quality buyers and suppliers of the Airline, Business Aviation, General Aviation, Helicopter, and Military Aviation Industries. We provide advanced technology and social networking functionalities for the entire aviation community of Original Equipment Manufacturers, Certified PMA Manufacturers, Parts Distributors, Operators, Government Agencies, Certified Repair Stations, Certified Parts Repairers, and Aviation Service Providers.

Who uses fipart?


fipart is unique in three ways:

First, we do not carry our own aircraft parts inventory and are not related to a spare parts business. This gives us independence and guarantees impartiality in our ebusiness transactions.

Second, we use advanced technology and social networking methods to improve the quality and efficiency of the network. This allows real buyers and real suppliers to conduct business in a trusted online environment particularly when it comes to AOG parts.

Third, we are a German based company focused on global industry providing access to new buyers and suppliers often not accessible through more North-American centric platforms.

How does it work?

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