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  1. Is fipart a supplier for aviation parts products and services?

    No. fipart is NOT a supplier of aviation parts, products and services nor is it affiliated with one. fipart provides an electronic platform for real buyers and real sellers to connect with each other and conduct ebusiness.

  2. Who can use fipart?

    fipart is a B2B eBusiness solution for the aviation aftermarket facilitating the electronic commerce of aeronautical parts, products and services. Buyers and suppliers of aviation parts, products and services can use the system.

  3. I already use ILSmart, Partsbase and/or other platforms. Why should I use fipart?

    fipart is unique in three ways:

    we do not carry our own inventory and are not related to a parts business. This gives us independence and guarantees impartiality in our ebusiness transactions.
    we use advanced technology and social networking methods to improve the quality and efficiency of the network. This allows real buyers and real suppliers to conduct business in a trusted online environment.
    we are a European company based in Germany focused on global industry providing access to new buyers and suppliers often not accessible through more North-American centric platforms.
  4. How often is the inventory updated?

    The age of any inventory is always listed in the search results allowing the buyer to make a decision as to the accuracy of the information provided. Most up-to-date inventory listings are always given priority. fipart constantly reviews inventory and notifies suppliers that have not updated their inventory or is poor quality. Inventory that is older than 13 months is deleted.

  5. What else is done to root out bad suppliers from the platform?

    fipart offers a number of features and processes to insure the quality of its supplier network. Most important feature to insure quality is the brand new quality rating, configured for, and adapted to, the needs of the aviation industry:

    each company receives a composite quality score influenced by dozen of factors to help buyers find quality sellers.
    a buyer can indicate his experience with a seller and influence their quality rating. By sharing your views with others you can root out the bad suppliers and reward the good ones.
    suppliers can be tagged as a "preferred" or "blocked". Preferred companies are highlighted in your search results and are at the same time receiving a better quality score. Blocked companies are hidden in search results and get down rated in their quality score.
  6. Do you provide support in a language other than English?

    fipart conducts all its official business in English, the universal language of the global aviation industry. We also have the ability to communicate with you in Spanish.

  7. Can I start immediately?

    Yes! Just complete the quick registration and start using the system for free.

  8. What payment methods do you offer?

    To pay your subscription, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. For yearly plans, we also accept corporate purchase orders with invoicing and bank wire payments.

  9. Where can I get a copy of my invoice / receipt?

    After logging in please got to "settings" and then go to "Purchase History" right hand column at the top of the page.

  10. Does my account ever expire?

    We monitor account activity and we will notify you if you have been inactive for an excessive period of time. Should the inactivity persist the account will be suspended to insure a strong quality level of our network.

  11. Where do I find your terms and conditions and data protection terms?

    Here are our terms and conditions and data protection terms.


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